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oDesk helps manage your life as a global consultant

I am trying oDesk as an additional tool to find interesting clients I can help using intergrated marketing communications strategy and implementation.

I am excited about using oDesk not only because it will enable me to find International clients but also build an International team:

The Solution ? A Marketplace and a Workplace.

oDesk’s unique approach enables companies to hire, manage, and pay remote contractors as easily as if they were working in the same office. The oDesk work diary and team room provide accountability across a distributed team, giving you full visibility into work done and the time spent doing it. Individual profiles offer a verified work history and feedback to help you make informed decisions in selecting team members or companies. oDesk’s payment system is simple and headache-free, so you can trust that your time?and money?are well-spent. This combination of accountability, credibility, and trust is the foundation for the oDesk Guarantee.

While the administrative support, client selection process and online working tools oDesk provides are innovative, these two guarantees are equally impressive:

We guarantee work to employers that every hour billed is an hour worked.
We guarantee payment to providers that every hour worked is an hour paid.

oDesk has also created a community via their blog, forums and groups and is also leveraging other social media tools like widgets and Facebook connect. Since I travel between the US and Sweden fairly regularly as well as to other destinations I am excited to be using a new tool that will help me manage life as a consultant.

If you are or want to be a remote worker and you are a web developer, writer, translator, customer service, software developer, sales and marketing, administrative support, business services, networking and information services, and design and multimedia; why not try a free oDesk account? Join the On Demand Global Workforce.

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