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About AG Communications Group

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AG Communications Group is a marketing communications consultancy. The focus is on integrated marketing communications, social media, and public relations to provide marketing to niche audiences with tremendous buying power excelling in:


As of 2022, our founder was nominated for an inaugural When We All Vote Culture of Democracy Award, has received the Sisterhood Agenda Sisterhood of Greatness Award, Maishagalen Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and her now 16-year-old multi-award-winning Black Women in Europe  ® Blog received media credentials from the Democratic Party to cover the 2012 & 2008* Democratic National Conventions. In 2016 Adrianne George founded The Black Women in Europe ®  Social Media Group (BWIESMG). To mark the blog’s 15th anniversary, the Podcast was born.

The story started in 2005 in Belgium with the launch of a team blog for an Internet marketing agency. In 2006 relocation to Sweden preceded the successful launch and management of through 2008, ensuring that it was a trusted brand for the expatriate and international market. Today, we continue to work with a diverse group of clients.

Social media isn’t just about big networks like Facebook, it’s about brands having conversations.–Lloyd Salmons, first chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau Social Media Council

The development of several brands mirrors our diverse clients and their needs including reaching black women through ethnic marketing and expatriates through international marketing.

PR is used to enhance credibility. In fact, with the advent of the citizen journalism and the simultaneous decline in trust in all of our major institutions, PR now far surpasses advertising as the most-trusted source of information for most consumer or business purchases.–Steve Cody,

We have worked with interesting people and organizations in Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, Norway, and Sweden and look forward to working with you.

*In 2008 we were part of the accredited blogging team of African American Political Pundit.

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