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Social Media Management Fees

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Your initial consultation is free. We’ll spend as long as it takes to make sure we both have a clear understanding of your business and social media goals. I’ll take charge for 6 months initially.

Social Media & Content Management* Package (6 months minimum)

  • Monitor and post content at optimal times
  • Facebook / 4 posts per month
  • Instagram / 10 posts per month
  • Twitter / 12 posts per month
  • Pinterest / 30 pins per month
  • Linkedin / 4 posts per month
  • Company blog /4 posts per month

Price: 950 SEK/month per platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc) exclusive of VAT** 15% Discount applied if managing 4 or more platforms.

I kindly ask for:

  • Your company story, brand background and your brand guidelines.
  • Access to the social media platforms you want to use. Or I can set them up for you (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc).
  • Your targeted website landing page address/URL.
  • A Cloud account with your high resolution logos, graphics, ?and images for each month.

*Based on your specific platforms.
**European Union members subject to VAT (Value Added Tax).

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