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Social Media Management Services

Fee structure

This is how AG Communications Group does it:

*We get you on board by explaining and supporting your opportunity to leverage social media to create, maintain, and enhance customer engagement.

*We help you define and measure the role social media plays in helping you reach your business objectives.

For you we would like to:

*Work with you to define and plan your social business strategy in a realistic manner.

*Help you define your company’s vision for social media.

*Agree on realistic goals and ways to measure them.

*Agree on responsibilities, communications, roles and project management.

*Continuously look for and recommend affordable but critical technology that can raise your social media profile.

*Take a close look at your branding and make recommendations as needed.

*Make the most of the content created by your customers.

*Let you know what people are saying: the good, the bad and the ugly.

*Help you leverage social media to increase effectiveness in other areas, for instance, search engine marketing and optimization.

*Find potential partners and opportunities for joint ventures.

*Recommend the best way to handle online customer relations.

*Brand reputation monitoring by keeping track of the social media buzz about your brand.

In sum:

This list is in no way exhaustive as your needs are as individual as your brand. But rest assured that we will walk you through the business of social media management and give you the vision and support you need.

We can help you at any point along the journey whether you are starting from scratch or realize that you do not have the time it takes to keep up with the conversation yourself.

Have more questions or want to get started today? Drop us a line.

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