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Social Media & Content Management

Social Media Defined  Services

AG Communications Group manages social media and web content for small businesses. Why use social media in the first place? Integrating social media into your business plan is no longer an option for forward-thinking companies. Social media can help you attract new clients, build up your brand value, and drive traffic to your digital properties.

Why you should work with us. A recommendation.

Boye Hartman

Boye Hartmann

Adrianne is one of a kind – the work she did for us – in a project with TBK Consult Aps. Was fantastic. If you need a person that knows the online world the best ….. Adrianne will never fail. She did for TBK Consult i one month what normally takes 3 – 4 times that. On top she is a pure delight – intelligent charming and so much humor. I have never been bored when she is there.

We help you get talking to your customers and target group. Does this sound like you:

I/we don’t understand how social media works.
I/we don’t know where to make contact.
I/we don’t know what to say to make contact without sounding, um, uncool.
I/we don’t have time to stop running your business to learn social media.
I/we don’t have a blog or time to update the one I/we have.

Don’t worry. Be smart. We manage your small business’ social media life to get and keep you talking to your customers and target groups via new media tools like Facebook and Twitter. That equals growth in your brand value and bottom line. Read how.

Get back to running your business and we’ll manage your social media life.

Social media isn’t just about big networks like Facebook, it’s about brands having conversations.” (1)

(1) Lloyd Salmons, first chairman of the Internet Advertising Bureau Social Media Council

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