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Understanding the market for black women

Understanding the market for black women

AGCC Ad Newtork

The AGCG Advertising Network is your path to placing your products and services in front of Internet-savvy black women and expatriates.

Why you should work with us:

reggie3tReginald Smith, CPIM, CTL, Supply Chain Manager at ITT – Goulds Pumps

Adrianne and I have worked together on the site since 2008. Adrianne has been a dynamic and creative editor without whose contributions, the magazine would have never been successful. With her contacts across the world as well as her strategic thinking and an eye for detail, Adrianne has shown that she truly understands the core skills of marketing and business development. I would highly recommend her as a consultant or business partner.

African American Women

Now more than ever, African-American women’s consumer preferences and brand affinities are resonating across the U.S. mainstream, driving total Black spending power toward a record $1.5 trillion by 2021.–AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN: OUR SCIENCE, HER MAGIC

Get more insight into the African American market, and learn about Afro-European women, and expats.

Contact us for help reaching black women and expatriates.

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