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Using Social Media to Find Great Candidates

Using Social Media to Find Great Candidates
by Adrianne George

Are you still using the big job boards to find potential employees? How is that working for you?

While some passive job seekers have anonymous CVs and resumes uploaded on Internet job sites the majority of talented people passively seeking a better job do not.

In addition to offering geographically targeted ads social media websites provide a great platform for reaching these candidates. Let?s take a look at a few:


Facebook is the place to have a company page, particularly for consumer goods. Make sure your company’s Facebook page has a Recruiting section that links back to your job listings on your website. Use your page’s news feed to announce new positions.


LinkedIn has job listings as well as the option to list jobs in groups. Users can follow your company page which should act as an advertisement for your company, revealing your culture, activities, and industry news.


XING has hundreds of groups many which are segregated by industry and are just for job seekers. Join those groups in addition to using the jobs listing function.

In fact many passive job seekers learn about great jobs from their social networks and friends alone. Don’t miss out on great candidates because they couldn’t find you online.

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