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How to use XING to find a job

How to use XING to find a job
by Adrianne George

There is no question that social networking is an efficient way to make the contacts you need to land a job. XING is a German based social network with users around the world.

XING provides a platform for creating a professional profile and leveraging the power of social networks.

While everything worth anything requires effort, finding a job via XING can be accomplished in a few steps:

1. Join XING and set up your professional profile. Upload a photo of you that depicts you as a professional person, not that favorite photo of you on the beach. That is unless you are looking for a job as a bikini model.

2. List your ?wants? clearly using key words that will show up when users search for members on XING. For example, IT job, project manager job, supply chain job, or logistics job.

3. List your ?haves? as the skills you bring to your ideal position. For example use keywords such as project manager skills, name your specific IT skills, business strategy, planning, etc. Use this opportunity to highlight all of your skills including languages and special certifications.

4. As you would in your CV/resume, list your accomplishments instead of your job description with each of your former positions. This works for your summer jobs and internships as well.

5. Be sure to fill in your personal interests as employers are looking for employees that will fit in with the company culture. Fill out the motivations section and include that you are a member of XING because you want to find a new job.

6. Join as many groups that match your professional aims as well as your personal life. Be sure to introduce yourself to the group and clearly state how your interests match the group and that you are looking for work. Be specific about the geographical area in which you would like to work.

7. Make valuable contributions to the group discussions that highlight your expertise or interest in the subject. Be sure to include a link to your XING profile or your blog or website.

8. You will get one month of free premium membership when you join XING which allows you to send messages to members. Use this 30 day period wisely by using the advanced search function to find members that can help you find a job. Then read their motivation section and only contact them if they are open to messages from members who are looking for work. NO SPAM.

9. Sign in to XING daily and see who has visited your profile. Look at their profile and send them a message thanking them for visiting your page and asking if there is anything you can help with.

Social networking isn?t all fun and games. It can be serious business too. Take advantage on XING and build your professional network that can help you find work now and in the future. Join today.

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