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It’s the 4th week of 2012 and no one is talking personal or business resolutions any more. I did make a fresh to-do list. It includes refreshing, rethinking, eliminating and replacing. This is where comes in.

I first got wind of from collaborator Laura Bazile in her new year greeting and it caught my eye again on Facebook when I spotted a “hire me” ad that landed on an page.

Turns out that at least 313 of my contacts have profiles. Why?

We designed for ourselves. A lot of us have multiple online profiles scattered across various services, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Twitter. And one problem we face is pulling all of this information together to build a single on-line identity ? be it for personal use, or to create a professional on-line profile. We’ve focused on enabling you to create your personal splash page, quickly build a personal and dynamic splash page that points visitors to your content from around the web, and understand how many people see your profile, where they’re coming from, and what they do on your page.


Meet the people behind They just may be on to something.

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