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3rd Anniversary for our brand: Women of the African Diaspora

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Facebook Fan Page and Group Boasts Over 1,000 Members Around the World.

Rotterdam, NL/Stockholm, SWE ? Women of the African Diaspora (WAD) website ( turns three on 1 November 2010 and is celebrating with gifts for its readers and members. The website, Facebook Fan page, and Facebook group, which celebrates black women, has visitors and members from across the globe.

I always wanted the Women of the African Diaspora website to more than a website, but to also be a community,” says Sandra Rafaela, Women of the African Diaspora?s co-founder and co-editor. ?Moving our social network to Facebook has increased our reach and keeps us on track in terms of maintaining that goal?.

Women of the African Diaspora website was also created to share relevant news, event notices and showcase a wide range of talented black women including authors, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and others. And with black women living on virtually every continent, it certainly has a large and influential market.

Women of the African Diaspora?s website content strives to shine a positive spotlight on black women that main stream media far too often ignores,” says Adrianne George, Women of the African Diaspora?s co-founder and co-editor. “While it is true that main stream media generally reports on high profile black women, for example with Forbes naming Michelle Obama the most powerful woman in the word, WAD also highlights the ordinary and extraordinary lives of black women?, she adds. ?We continue to be the perfect choice for advertisers who want to reach the important market of black women consumers.”

The year has been marked with highlights for the Women of the African Diaspora co-editors, with Ms. Rafaela being named H.M. Senior Commissioner EU/ Africa on Women Development and Empowerment within the African Kingdoms Federation (AKF) and Ms. George?s Black Women in Europe blog ( adding to its list of honors by receiving a Sunshine Award. “I can?t believe it has been three years since we launched WAD,” explains George. ?We really enjoy meeting accomplished and positive black women while providing them with a unique platform for exposure“.

Anniversary gifts are provided by authors Dr. Tiffany Brown, Shani Greene-Dowdell, and Good News Distributors. Businesses, with products or services for black women can participate in the anniversary celebrations by purchasing an advertising package for the website and social network at a 20% savings. Contact for advertising information.

Contact: Sandra Rafaela
Adrianne George

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