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50 Blog Post Ideas in 50 Minutes ? You Can Do It!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to generate a lot of ideas for a great number of different blog postings for your websites, this article is for you. I?m going to give you a tried-and-true method that consistently works for me. When you have mastered this technique you will be able to generate 50 blog post ideas in 50 minutes ? no kidding!

First of all let me say this: if you prefer to write everything down on paper, then you would want to do this with your tablet in front of you. On the other hand, if you prefer to type, you would want to do this with your favorite computer text-entry application open and ready-to-go. You can experiment with either approach and find which one works best for you ? I prefer to do this using paper because it forces me to ?disconnect? from the computer screen in order to do some creative thinking.

Ready? Excited? Okay then, here?s what you do ? on your piece of paper (or computer screen) number 50 lines ? from 1 to 50. At the top of your paper write down the link text phrase that you want to use ? having it in front of you will serve as a reminder when you are trying to generate ideas.

Now on each line, write down a suggested title for a blog post. Nothing else ? just the TITLE. When you get a little experience in doing this, you?ll be able to formulate a title that will encapsulate the central thought that you want to communicate in that blog post. If you use paper, you may find it best to use a full-size tablet, so you?ll have plenty of room to write. I prefer to use steno notebooks ? simply flip them on their side and you?ll have more room ? you can write across the length, and you can flip the pages over easily due to the spiral binding. I hold them so that the spiral binding is to my right, and I flip the pages over using my pen hand ? I don?t write on the other side (I am right-handed; if you are a lefty, just reverse the notebook so that the spiral binding is on your left). I also a hard-copy notebook because they can be used as a reference in the future if you need blogging ideas?

I recommend that you just go through your entire numbered list and jot down a title ? many people find it much easier to ?flesh out? the wording of the individual blog posts once they have a title written. At least I do ? and with a little bit of practice and patience, you will soon find that this technique will also work for you.

Try to write down a different blog post title within 60 seconds. Don?t try and do anything more with that post right then ? just move on to another title. If you can come up with a new title every minute, then you will have generated 50 blog post ideas in under an hour! Once you have your 50 titles, you can go back and work on each of your blog posts separately, filling in the additional wording.

Oftentimes, I will think of some specific points I want to make in my blog post ? in that case, here?s what I do: Next to that blog post title, I add an asterisk or star symbol. On the back side of that page, I write down the post title number, and note a few bullet points as reminders of what I want to cover . You can note these points very quickly on the back of the pages, and then turn the page over and get back to generating titles quickly ? it?s important not to lose momentum! Once you have your 50 post titles written (and a few bullet points/reminders about specific points to be covered here and there) you can take your tablet or notebook, fire up the PC and begin to write your blog posts.

Why does this approach work so well? Here?s what I think: Many of us blog for backlinks inefficiently because we are trying to do several things at one time: generate ideas, fill out content, type (for the most part a mechanical act), check our spelling, deal with the system interface for submitting the posts, etc. By using this method, you are separating the ?creative? work (generating idea content) from the ?mechanical? work (typing, spell checking, submitting through the interface).

This method also helps you to overcome ?writer?s block? because you will be less likely to interrupt your train of thought (your creative mental processes) ? you will not be stopping to type everything in, spell-check, submit via a web form, etc. You will stay ?in the flow? until you have all your concepts captured (written down).

Try this method for the next 30 days and you?ll see a dramatic improvement in the quality and quantity of your blog postings. I guarantee it. I have written over 800 blog posts in the past month alone (for promoting my own sites, as well as for other clients), and I?m telling you ? this works.

50 blog post ideas in 50 minutes ? you CAN do it!

50 Post Ideas – 50 Minutes: Click Here To Download This Article in PDF Format

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