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Pay Per View-The internet marketer?s new toy?

by Jorg Trefesci

PPC, or to give it its full name, Pay Per Click has during recent years stormed its way to the front when looking for ways of earning money by advertising on the Internet. It is usually considered to be an inconspicuous way of placing your ads on other people?s websites and on the right hand side of the page of Google Search Results. By clicking on your ad, the reader is taken to your website splashpage, and it is from here that the sale may be made.


Predominantly administered by Google AdWords, your ads are displayed free of charge. You are, however, required to pay a certain amount which can be anything from 10 cents to $30 dollars each time a viewer clicks on your ad. The ad itself appears as a set of words which has been written by you and it will only be seen on webpages containing material which is relevant to what you have on offer, based on your use of selected words in your ad.

It has to be said that there are mixed feelings about PPC with some Internet marketers considering this method of advertising to be a goldmine, whilst others feel the results could be improved upon.

This is where a new form of marketing known as PPV (Pay Per View) comes into the picture. With this method, instead of the viewer using the link back to your website, your website itself will appear on their screens, at the exact time you want it to.

Instead of costing a few bucks per clicked ad, PPV Marketing costs you only pennies to make a far better ROI?and not just in terms of time spent, but clearly in terms of your bottom line, too. With a mere $1, PPV can send you 100 supertargeted visitors, people just waiting to buy from you.

What?s more, you can forget all about needing to compose targeted ads, researching the ten thousand ?hot tags? that are floating around and being used by everyone, and taking so many shots in the dark that don?t result in sales but do cost you money?those couple of bucks per click-through do add up quickly. This is not PPC target marketing?this is PPV SUPERTARGETED marketing, and PPV Goldmine shows you all you need to know.Because if you want to succeed,you MUST know what to do.This is where PPV GOLDMINE Ebook comes into action?PPV GOLDMINE,teaches everything you need to know about succesful PPV Marketing!All the program costs you besides mere pennies per ad is $47 one-time?less than you may spend on PPC in just one day.

So, done right, PPV can get you the substantial income that you?ve been craving from your Internet business. You?ve got nothing to lose: take a look at PPV Goldmine.A simple but powerful method that will make your advertising worth the price.

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