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Italian Vogue – The Black Issue

Do Black models sell magazines?

The July issue of Italian Vogue will feature all Black models. How beautiful is that? I would love a copy.

Get a preview now, and be sure to pick up a copy. Rumour has it they don’t expect this issue to sell that well.

5 responses to “Italian Vogue – The Black Issue”

  1. I live in London, so where can I buy July’s issue of Vogue Italia?


  2. Vanessa, the NY Times article said the issue would hit newstands in Europe this week (or was it next week).

    If I were you I would go to a huge newstand, not just up on the local highstreet. Like at Waterloo station or someplace and ask. If you can’t find it try contacting Italian Vogue and ask them.

    I’m still in a small town in Sweden and won’t move to Stockholm until August. But I will see if I can get to Sweden’s 2nd biggest city and find it.


  3. agcommunications Avatar

    Here is the link to the website of the publisher of Italian Vogue:


  4. agcommunications Avatar

    I found a copy today at the Amsterdam Schipol airport. There is also commentary on Ebony and Essence magazines, The Black List that includes Toni Morrison, a story on Spike Lee and many others. Grace Jones is even in this issue.


  5. hey really darn good article!


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