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ShareAPost Beta Testers Needed

I received this email yesterday and signed up for ShareAPost.? I think it’s a great service and wanted to share the Beta Tester opportunity with you:?

Ranking well in Google comes down to two things: ?

Content + Links = Rankings
Like this post? Publish It On Your Own Blog

You know this already, so why am I repeating it? Because I’ve created a service that allows you to get both in a SNAP: great content and lots of links (links to inner pages, too, not just the home page).

The service is called, and it serves two purposes depending on your needs:

1) You can submit your WordPress blogs and allow other users to post the content of your posts to their own blogs (while also linking back to your original blog post).

This is GREAT for getting tons of links to each quality blog post on your blog. Simply submit your feed and add ShareAPost to your Ping list in WordPress, and before you know it you’ll have a swarm of folks linking back to your blog posts.

Now, you KNOW what that will do to the ranking of your posts, right?

Of course you do! They’ll go through the roof!

You get to pick the keywords that the other blogs link back to you with as well. Simply use Technorati-style tags in your blog posts and ShareAPost will automatically pick those keywords up make sure the blogs that republish your posts link back to you.

How does it make sure that those blogs link back to you? Because ShareAPost DOES THE POSTING! Yes, using WordPress’ built-in XMLRPC technology, ShareAPost creates the post and submits it to the other blogs in seconds.

That brings us to point #2:

2) ShareAPost gives you access to a WEALTH of content to post on your own WordPress blogs, and lets you add that content in SECONDS.

All you do is setup the blogs in your ShareAPost account, and then browse/search the directory looking for posts that you think are a good match for your own blog.

Once you’ve found one, you click the Publish link and select which of your blogs you want to send the post to, and whether or not you want to post the full text or just a summary. You also have the option to have the post added to your blog in Draft mode so you can go in and post-date it, etc.

It only takes a few seconds per post! In one hour you could really fill up some blogs with great content.



This service is now up and running, and I’m looking for beta testers to create f.ree accounts and try it out. I need folks with blogs who want to syndicate their content to super-charge their link building, and I need folks who need top-notch content to post to their own blogs.

As a beta tester, your account will always be 100% f.ree.

Syndicating other folks content will always be f.ree anyway, but I’m working on a business model that MAY charge a monthly fee for being able to have your content syndicated in this way. Or it may stay f.ree for everyone, I haven’t decided. 🙂

At any rate, as a beta tester, you’ll never pay a dime for the service.

So why not go give it a try right now?? will be setting up a beta discussion forum in the next day or so, and will send out another mailer when that’s ready so that you can report bugs or make feature requests, etc.?

Jonathan Leger

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