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Behind the scenes with the Democrats Aroad Obama supporters at the EMEA caucus in Brussels


On Saturday once all of the procedural issues were settled the women delegate candidates, myself included, gave 2 minute prsentations as to why they would be the best female delegate.? It was inmportant to the Obama delegates to implement the DA goald of having a delegation that represented DA abroad:? African, Asian, and Aispanic Americans, member from the LBGT community as well as? white men and women.? Of 4 delegates we were allotted we wanted to send 2 men and 2 women.? So the coalition buildling between countries began.? Who would we support?


After lunch the men gave their presentations and the voting began.? After 2 rounds of votes no one had?won and as people left for dinner and more negotiating, we would come back and finish the selection process on Sunday morning.? Little did we know that on Sunday morning we would be thrown a moneky wrench and forced to rethink everything we had learned on Saturday.? Read more about this from a personal angle here.


In the end we elected elegates that represent a diverson section of people and countries.

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