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Dems Abroad EMEA Caucus kicks off in Brussels


Friday evening evening (March 14, 2009) about a dozen Democrats Abroad in Brussels for the EMEA regional caucus were treated to a tour of the historic Hotel de Ville and drinks with the Mayor of Brussels.? Maor Thilemmans was funny, gracious, and supportive of the idea of a Democrat in the White House as soon as possible.


2 hours later over 100 dems living in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa gathered for Belgian beer at the historic beer brewers guild bulding on Grand’ Place.

2 responses to “Dems Abroad EMEA Caucus kicks off in Brussels”

  1. Love the ‘akta Svenska’ web site. 😉

    Was great meeting you in Brussels–and am pleased you are a fellow communicator too…

    I write a comms blog you may find interesting;

    Looking forward to staying in touch-GO OBAMA!


  2. Mike, ditto! And it’s great to see you here as well. I checked out your blog. I’m a member of IABC too and get Ned’s JOTW. Let be sure to stay in touch.



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