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The AfroSphere is making headlines, and ooVoo is keeping us connected.


When Francis Holland invited me to join the AfroSpear group of black bloggers I had no idea I was joining a movement.Right away I was plugged into a group of progressive bloggers whose mission was to highlight the issues that are near and dear to our community.


In the wake of the Jena 6 march the AfroSphere has come to the attention of the mainstream media.? The lastest coverage of the AfroSphere is in the New Republic.? So what does this mean?? One possible answer is that more people will read AfroSphere blogs to learn what the main stream media doesn’t deem newsworthy.? Another possible outcome will be that more black people will establish blogs.?


What I do know for sure is that the power of bloggers is growing daily and as the pen has always been mightier than the sword, the keyboard may in fact be the biggest slayer of them all.

10 responses to “The AfroSphere is making headlines, and ooVoo is keeping us connected.”

  1. I think you are on point with your analysis. more black bloggers will be coming on board. And more people will be listening to afrospear bloggers regarding our views and opinions on issues, on a local, national and international basis.


  2. To keep up with the AfroSpear bloggers in the news go here:


  3. I love it! The AfroSphere. Where are folks from, in general? Or, is it nationwide? Where did it start. Well, I am from ooVoo and I just wanted to make sure your AfroSphere bloggers who have Macs have access to the Mac version of the Software to make sure that nobody is left behind just because they choose Apple.

    To be honest, I don’t know if the AfroSphere bloggers would be interested, but I think ooVoo would love to chat with you guys… let me know, okay?


  4. Hi Chris,

    This link will take you to the history of the AfroSpear:

    You’ll also be able to see the blogroll of all of the Spear bloggers in the right pane.

    I’ll contact you directly about talking!


  5. I totally got the name wrong — so sorry about that — I wrote AfroSphere and it is AfroSpear. My direct email is — thanks a lot.


  6. […] the blogosphere looking for folks who are using ooVoo and stumbled upon Adrianne and her article, The AfroSphere is making headlines, and ooVoo is keeping us?connected. The article is all about how the members of the AfroSpear think tank keep connected online using […]


  7. Chris no worries! The AfroSpear is a group of bloggers in the afrosphere that have come together because we share the same goals. Any blogger in the afrosphere is eligible for membership in the AfroSpear! Thanks for your additional email address. I’ll resend the email I sent you from the other day, now!


  8. You are cordially invited to join This is a new SurfRing designed specifically for bloggers of African descent.

    Be among the first and start driving traffic to you site from those interested in the diaspora.

    Go here to join

    I also invite you to visit Sojourner’s Place. The doors are always open.


  9. agcommunications Avatar

    Hej Sojourner, I visited and left a comment on a recent post, but didn’t see how to join the webring. Can you post the direct link to join the webrigh?


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