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AGLOCO: The Internet’s First Economic Network


Today?s hottest Internet businesses are all about the power of social networks. Companies like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube have become worth billions because businesses have realized that these social networks are generating huge advertising and marketing opportunities. As these social networks grow, the economic potential for its owners ? and the advertisers who target the site?s users ? is remarkable.

At AGLOCO, we asked a simple question: The users created the community, where?s their share of the profit?

It was from this question that AGLOCO set out to create the Internet?s first Economic Network, harnessing the power of Internet-based social networks to directly benefit the Members who help to create the community.

Becoming a member of AGLOCO is as simple as completing a brief sign-up page (name, age, location and email address.). Once you?re a Member, you will be asked to then download the Viewbar? software.

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