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A call to video chat/video conference within the AfroSpear and ABA


Adrianne, Do you ever get any sleep? :- )

What time is it over there in Europe?

Yes I downloaded?

ooVoo a few weeks ago once I learned about it from a post you made on

Video chats are a great idea for those who have a comfort level with it. count me in.



It was great finally seeing and talking with a fellow blogger I respect.? He’s funny too!

4 responses to “A call to video chat/video conference within the AfroSpear and ABA”

  1. Adrianne, I still have to ask, do you ever get any sleep? :- ) LOL, LOL, It really seems like your up 24/7.

    I really enjoyed talking with you. Seeing and hearing the person behind the written words and internet activism is great. Sorry I kept you awake for a few more hours. I can see why your a international award winning blogger. by-the-way, your equally as funny, plus your intelligent and a real charmer. Keep on doing what you do. This conversation is to be continued.

    Thanks again for hooking me up to ooVoo.



  2. nice work with the good stuff


  3. Thanks Mark!


  4. These are some great tips thanks! I?ve been using ooVoo ( for my video conferencing needs the past couple months and have found the service to be great. Some of these tricks should make the experience ever better, thanks!


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