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If you ooVoo like I do we can video chat for free.

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OK, I’m giving this a try.? Let me know if you need a webcam. Maybe I can come up with something for you.

6 responses to “If you ooVoo like I do we can video chat for free.”

  1. Great to see you trying it out Adrianne – I love those widgets. For your readers out there – I write for ooVooworld, the unofficial WOM world on ooVoo, and think Adrianne’s work with communication (especially expat and ethnic communities) is the perfect opportunity to find out if ooVoo is useful to these kind of groups, how they use it and what they think… it seems a natural accompaniment to social networking, especially for those abroad wanting something more personal than an email, and as it supports groups of up to 6 in video chat whole families or friendship circles can see each other.

    Be great to get any opinions or experiences of AG readers out there, and find out what they love (or hate!) about ooVoo and if they think it’s relevant to their lives…


  2. agcommunications Avatar

    A friend from the States who lives in London contacted me last night asking me about ooVoo because she’s been having problems with usng Skype with her webcam. She’s downloaded different drivers but still can’t get it to work.

    She’s going to try again to fix Skype but she also wants to try ooVoo. So as soon as I get my webcam (I know I’ve beena bit slow about it) we’ll try it out.


  3. Lets give it a try!
    Its a good way to communicate..
    See you at ooVoo


  4. like to chat all over the world


  5. What’s up yourself Rick? And Saif, it is a good tool to video chat all over the world. I talked with a friend in Brazil from Sweden.


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