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Barack on your block

?Obama 08

Dear Adrianne,

Walk For ChangeHundreds of thousands of Americans will have their first conversation about Barack Obama on June 9th, and you can make it a success.

Volunteers across all fifty states will be teaming up to tell their neighbors about our campaign for change. We know we can?t just depend on traditional media to tell Barack?s story, or yours. There?s no one better to share those stories than you.

Talking to your neighbors can change America. Find a Walk for Change near you, or host a walk in your community:

More than a thousand people have planned neighborhood walks in communities across the country, but they are relying on your commitment to make these events a success. Help them out by encouraging your friends, family, and colleagues to join.

Walks with five or more registered participants will receive a special package of materials to engage people, so your response is crucial.

RSVP by midnight on Wednesday, May 30th, to make sure the walk nearest you receives materials:

Politics in America doesn’t have to be a screaming match. Our campaign is proving that people everywhere who care about our country can come together with a shared stake in our common future.

Reach out to your neighbors and see just how hungry Americans are for change.

The family next door is looking for leadership on the same issues we all care about — Iraq, health care, climate change, corruption in Washington. Together we’re building a movement that will find common ground and advance the common good for all Americans.

Be part of the change — sign up now to host or join a Walk for Change in your neighborhood:

Local change is real change, so let?s go out together and connect with our neighbors.


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

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