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rebtel.jpg?? CALL 1.3 Billion people for free from your mobile?

Where’s the catch?

The catch is that to make it free, we need both you and your friend to make local calls. We?ll then connect those two calls for you.

Put it this way; if you?re prepared to change the way you make international calls, we?re prepared to make them free.

And by the way, each time you call a new friend with Rebtel we give you one minute of international calling to explain to them how to make the call free.

To make a free call?

  • Call your friend on their Rebtel number (which we send you by SMS when you sign up.)
  • When they answer, ask them to look at the number displayed on their phone screen. Tell them to hang up, and call you straight back on that number.
  • Now for the weird bit. Don?t hang up when they do, but stay on the line.
  • A couple of seconds later, they?ll join you back on the call.

That?s all there is to it. Your international call is now free. Your operator may charge you for a local call, but if you have inclusive minutes with your mobile account, they won?t.?

To make a cheap call

If you are calling outside the Rebtel community, or if you don?t want to make a call back, then you can just call for cheap. Our rates start at 2 cents per minute.

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