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Online Networking


If I didn?t believe in it before, I certainly do now.? I am referring to networking.? That old adage, ?it?s not what you know, but who you know? rings true as much now as ever.? Take?XING for example.? I have met many interesting, dynamic, and funny people by being a member of OpenBC.? The group forums are filled with intelligent conversations around topics that cover everything from Global Business Women to life before, during and after a MBA.? And while I joined the network while living in Belgium I have connected with people in my hometown of Washington, DC, fellow alums?in the USA?and Europe, businessmen in Africa, as well as women working and thriving across the globe.? In fact, when I moved to Sweden, some members of OpenBC were the first to reach out to me and make me feel welcome (thanks Bendt!).? Don?t underestimate the power of your personal and professional network.? We are all closer to each other than ever before.

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